Scientific English and Reporting



  • Introduction to LaTeX

  • Note taking

  • How to write a lab report

  • Peer review

  • Scientific papers and how to write one

  • Who is a Scientist?

  • Presentation types

      • Oral presentations

      • Poster presentations

  • How to write a proposal for a scientific project

  • Translation

  • Debating techniques

  • How to write a thesis

Important Note!

  • The topics listed on the left side are the topics that are planned to be covered in two terms in total.

  • Additions and deletions can be made to the topics during the semesters.

  • This list is not a weekly lesson plan. Each topic will last different periods according to its content.

  • Midterms and finals will cover the most recently covered topics.

  • The method of application for midterms and finals has not been finalized yet.


Introduction to LaTeX

How to write a lab report

1 Lab Report.pdf

Peer review (definition)

3 Peer Review Lecture #1.pdf

Peer review (reviewing guide)

4 Refreshed-Guide-Peer-Review-Journal.pdf

Scientific papers and how to write one

5 Scientific Paper.pdf

Who is a Scientist?

6 Who is a Scientist.pdf

Note Taking 101


Oral Presentation

8 SI - Oral Presentations 2.pdf